Property Settlements

WSS is licensed to settle any property within Western Australia. We can settle a wide range of properties including Residential, Commercial, Strata, Vacant Land and Off the Plan. We can act for Sellers and Buyers and even for both sides of the same transaction. It does not matter if you are a First Home Buyers, Second Home Buyer, Investor, We can help you.

Subdivision Applications

  • Strata Built Form
  • Survey-Strata (Vacant Land)
  • Housing Estates (Deposited Plans)

We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in applying for new titles for subdivided land, survey-strata and built form strata apartments. We are the Settlement Agent for 2 major developments so this is an area that we specialise in. No subdivision is too big or too small, from 2 lots to 100 lots!

Deceased Estates

The right amount of care, skill and detail is required with these transactions and here at WSS we are able to help. We have a great understanding of this area and will make this process as smooth as possible for what can be a difficult time.

Related Party Transactions

Whether you are adding or removing a party to the title, or need to change your name (revert to maiden or married name) or have any other transaction that is related, we can help. We will liaise with you and any banks to help transact for you.